Parental Notification of Abortion & Strike A Convo

02 Feb Parental Notification of Abortion & Strike A Convo

By Estephany Salcedo.

What is the Parental Notification of Abortion Law (PNA)?

The Parental Notification of Abortion law requires medical providers to notify a parent or legal guardian of any minor, 17 or younger, seeking an abortion.

Why is this a problem?

Some of you may be wondering, why is this a problem? We often hear that parents support this law because they are genuinely concerned for their child or that they simply want to be involved in their child’s life. But what we often forget is that not everyone lives in a healthy and emotionally stable environment.  Some young people live in fear of how family members would react and it drives young people to get unsafe abortions to avoid having parents notified of their choice to have a safe procedure done by medical providers.

There are many reasons why people seek out abortion services. By notifying a parent or legal guardian, we could be putting a young person’s life at risk. How many cases have there been where the pregnancy is a result of rape? Incest? An abusive partner?  Or just not wanting to start a family at that point in time? Whatever the case may be, we are undermining our youth’s ability to make the decisions that are right and healthy for their own bodies.

Judicial Bypass

Young people have a few options to avoid notifying a parent, but often these processes are complicated and stressful. One option is to go through what is known as a Judicial Bypass; basically, a pregnant person would go before a judge and ask for permission to have an abortion. More often than not, going to court creates unnecessary stress, where the youth seeking the abortion could be subjected to multiple hearings in which their intelligence and emotional stability are brought into question. There have been instances where the cases are dragged out for such a long time that by the time the judge comes to a conclusive decision, abortion access options become severely limited. We can avoid making young pregnant youth go to court by simply repealing this law.

Here are some resources about Parental Involvement Laws in the country: )


How you can help – Come join us at Strike A Convo!

Join us at Strike A Convo on Saturday, February 6, 2016! The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) and CoreAlign will be hosting an event where young people can come together to get informed on why this issue matters to youth and why it’s important that we repeal this law. Come join us for a fun-filled day of sharing our experiences, our knowledge, and bowling!

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