Peer Education Campaign Leaders Create New Curricula the The Bacchus Network

05 Mar Peer Education Campaign Leaders Create New Curricula the The Bacchus Network

BacchusTrainingOn February 18th and 19th, leaders of the Peer Education Campaign (PEC) joined together to complete a 14-hour peer education certification program through The Bacchus Network, a nationally recognized peer education training program.

Nzinga West, a training facilitator with Bacchus, led the youth in this 2-day training on intervention and organization skills. ICAH’s Peer Education Campaign is a combination of the all-women’s peer education group, Sisters Empowering Sisters, and a group of young men from the School of Justice also committed to sexual health peer education. The Campaign will research and create new youth-led curricula, such HIV Prevention, Healthy Relationships, and Body Positivity workshops, to implement for Illinois youth. These new modules will be added to the group’s existing curricula on Sex Ed 101 and 102, and Media Justice.

The Bacchus Network is the most widely recognized peer education training  organization in the country. With the completion of the Bacchus training, ICAH’s peer educators are officially certified to lead sexual health education for their peers. The Peer Education Campaign has begun scheduling trainings in schools, programs and conferences. Kenwood Academy recently received the PEC’s sexual health training (pictured right). Future workshop participants include Chicago Military Academy, RUST Youth Connection in Englewood, and Project Exploration’s Girls’ Health and Science Day Conference, to name a few.

CONTACT Nikki Zaleski at to schedule a training for an affordable fee for service.

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