Adult Ally Training


Adult Ally Training

Check out the upcoming schedule of Adult Ally workshops with ICAH. Our training schedule has been reinvigorated, so even if you’ve joined us in the past, you’ll be sure to acquire new experiences and updated information. Each Adult Ally Training is $30 per person and includes refreshments and all training materials. Discounts available.


ICAH’s Training and Education Department offers a variety of professional development opportunities for adults who work to support the sexual health, identity, and rights of youth. All information presented reflects our approach to sexuality education that is medically accurate, developmentally- & age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and inclusive of youth with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, straight, and questioning identities.

Adult Ally Trainings are developed for youth workers, family members, and other healthcare, school, and family-serving professionals who are interested in increasing their knowledge, improving their skills, and better supporting young people and their sexual health, identity, and rights. Trainings are facilitated by ICAH’s Adult Education Coordinator, Aisha Chaudhri, unless otherwise noted.

Visit our website for ICAH’s full Training Calendar, with more information about all of our upcoming Adult Ally Trainings. All trainings held at ICAH, 226 S. Wabash Ave. Ste. 900, Chicago one Wednesday each month from 10am-1pm.

Certifications Now Available!

The ICAH Adult Ally Certificate is available for individuals who attend all 10 trainings.  This training series is aligned with the 7 National Standards for Sexuality Education and ICAH’s organizational commitment to Reproductive Justice and Youth as Partners engagement model.

The ICAH Healthcare Provider Competency Certificate is available for individuals who attend seven specific trainings that are aligned with 6 Healthcare Provider Competencies. Participants will receive a free deck of Youth-Friendly Healthcare Flashcards after signing up. The seven trainings are:

  • ICAH Foundations: Values, Sexuality Education Standards, and Sex Ed Policies
  • Sexual Health 101: Positive Approaches to Anatomy, Puberty, and Communication
  • Sexual Health 102: Positive Approaches to Safer Sex, STI’s, & Methods of Protection
  • Creating Safe Spaces: Adolescent Sexual and Gender Identity
  • Healthy Relationships & Personal Safety
  • The Sexual Rights of Youth in Illinois
  • Transforming Public Consciousness: Sex-Positivity and Trauma-Awareness

CDPU’s are available for each training at no additional cost. Update on CEU’s and CME’s coming soon.

For more information about ICAH’s Training & Education offerings, contact Aisha Chaudhri, at or at 312-427-4460 x228.