Adult Sexuality Education

Adults who work with and for youth not only need information and resources on the sexual health of young people, but also guidance on how to best support youth around these issues as well as honoring the rights and identities that youth have.


ICAH’s Sexuality Education training is in accordance with our mission, vision, and reproductive justice and youth development frameworks. All information presented reflects an approach to sexuality education that is medically accurate, developmentally & age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and inclusive of youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Discounts for 3, 5 and 8-week residencies available.


For more information, contact Aisha Chaudhri, Education Coordinator, at or 312-427-4460 x228 about bringing an affordable training to your community. Select a pre-existing workshop or ask us to tailor one to your needs.




·   Sexual Health Level 1: Positive Approaches to Anatomy, Puberty, and CommunicationExamine anatomy, puberty, and communication & develop skills for answering difficult questions. Estimated: 2-3 Hours


·   Sexual Health Level 2: Positive Approaches to Safer Sex, STI’s, & Methods of ProtectionInvestigate safer sex, sexually transmitted infections & methods of protection while developing skills for facilitation. Estimated: 2-3 Hours


·   Sexual Identities: Creating Safe SpacesClarify the difference between sex, gender identity & gender expression while exploring sexual orientation terms and definitions, including allyship. Estimated: 2-3 Hours


·   Sexual Rights: Youth in IllinoisIdentify the legal rights youth have in accessing health care services & learn to better advocate for youth. Estimated: 1.5-3 Hours


·   Sexuality Education that Works – Analyze state and local health education laws in Illinois, evidence-based curricula & the National Sexuality Education Standards to promote best practices. Estimated: 2.5-3 hours


·   Working at the Intersections Level 1: An Overview and History of Reproductive Justice – Learn the histories of reproductive justices and injustices for women, youth, and other historically marginalized groups in the US. Estimated: 3 hours


·   Working at the Intersections Level 2: Reproductive Justice Includes Racial JusticeOur only training that includes the FYI performance Forecast, about a dream young woman has that confronts her with the decision of whether or not to parent in a broken world. Examine historical and current intersections of institutional racial and reproductive injustice, role-play interrupting oppressive moments, reflect on internalized oppression, and practice radical self-love as a form of resistance. Estimated: 3 hours


·   Healthy Relationships & Personal Safety – Explore how to work with young people in describing and recognizing healthy and unhealthy relationships & gain tools to support youth in need. Estimated: 2-3 hours


·   Risk Reduction: Meeting Youth Where They AreAnalyze the theories and models used in risk reduction and apply to your work. Estimated: 2-3 hours


·   Transforming Public Consciousness: Sex- & Body-Positivity and Trauma-AwarenessDiscover how a sex- & body-positive and trauma-aware approach to youth work is harm-reductive and necessary in transforming the landscape within which we discuss sexual health. Estimated: 2-3 hours


·   Youth Voice: Building Youth and Adult Partnerships – Our only professional development for adults facilitated by youth, provides a conceptual framework as well as concrete suggestions for implementing a youth-friendly approach through recognizing adultism and identifying what makes an ally. Estimated: 2-3 hours


·   Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Youth in School – Explore the rights that young people have in schools while pregnant and/or parenting, role-play how to advocate for them, in addition to combating shame and stigma. Estimated: 1-2 hours



Addressing the Needs of Diverse Communities:


ICAH has tailored its 3 core trainings around Sexual Health, Rights, and Identities to discuss the issues and needs of the following 3 communities:


  • Faith-based communities
  • Immigrant, refugee, and 1stgeneration populations
  • People living with disabilities


ICAH Institute Certifications


Adult Ally Certification


The ICAH Adult Ally Certificate is presented to participants who complete all 10 Adult Ally trainings.  This series of trainings is structured around the 7 National Standards of Sexuality Education (NSES) and ICAH’s innovative and youth driven approach.  While learning medically-accurate and age-appropriate information, participants will also gain tools to be youth-friendly, LGBTQ-inclusive, trauma-informed, and sex positive adult allies.


Testimonials from Adult Participants