22 Aug Celebrating 39 Years of Youth-Adult Partnerships

ICAH’s Board of Directors hosted ICAH’s 39th Birthday Party on Saturday, August 6, to celebrate 39 years of youth-adult partnerships. Pork & Mindy’s kindly provided us with a fabulous venue to celebrate our ICAH family! The event was well attended by ICAH youth, adult allies, staff, and board members, and...

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15 Jul Time to Talk the Talk

By Michelle Vu.Growing up, everything I learned about sex, sexuality, and my body was in small bits of information that adults wanted me to know. “Use protection.” “Don’t have sex.” No one answered the very real and important questions I had, and I was constantly told that I would understand...

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Mamas Day Cards by ICAH youth leaders 2015

02 May Mama’s Day: A Celebration for All Mothers

By Akosuah Owusu.As a Youth Leader Counselor, I have experienced many awesome social events that have helped us share who we are (the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health) and what we do (peer education around sexual health, rights, identities, and birth and reproductive justice). Many might not understand why these...

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