Tiffany Pryor Chicagoland Organizing Manager sm

Tiffany Pryor

Executive Director (Bio)

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Rosa Yadira Ortiz, Development Director at ICAH

Rosa Yadira Ortiz

Development Director (Bio)

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Nataly Barrera, Organizing Manager at ICAH

Nataly Barrera

Organizing Manager (Bio)

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Nikki Zaleski, Education and Arts Justice at ICAH

Nikki Zaleski

Education & Arts Justice Director (Bio)

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Aisha Chaudhri Education Coordinator sm

Aisha Chaudhri

Education Coordinator (Bio)

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Youth Sexuality Educators

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Youth Sexuality Education

FYI Performance Sexuality Education Cadre

FYI Performance-Based Education Cadre

Adult Sexuality Education Cadre

Adult Sexuality Educators

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Adult Sexuality Education



  • Chair -Nzinga West, Consultant, C. Ezra Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Gregory Hughes, Director of HR, Ivy Tech Community College
  • Treasurer – Ellen Sadur, Dillon Kane LLC
  • Secretary – Barbara Kaplan



  • Beth Catlett, PhD, Associate Professor, Women’s and Gender Studies, DePaul University
  • Samantha Loo, MS, Assistant Director, Health Economics, Becker Friedman Institute at the University of Chicago


ICAH‘s Youth Development Model holds Reproductive Justice values at its core. We constantly work to creating safe spaces in partnership with youth in Illinois. As a result, we retain meaningful involvement of young people, and have lasting impacts on their lives and the organization. ICAH alumni stay connected with us as an extended family that spans across the country, some even being brought on as staff at ICAH or other amazing organizations in Chicago also fighting for reproductive freedom. ICAH youth leaders are dedicated change agents in the movement for the long haul.


 About the Youth Leadership Council


The Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is ICAH’s education, advocacy, and organizing youth cohort. The YLC engages youth and their communities through peer education, online and offline campaigns, and systems change work.  Youth members range from 16-22 years old and are a combination of past youth program participants and youth who are new to ICAH. They gain expert knowledge around sexual health and reproductive justice through rigorous training. Members take the lead in facilitating ICAH’s peer education workshops.

ICAH Group Picture from Institute 2014

Youth Leadership is important to me because…


On behalf of ICAH’s youth, board of directors, staff, and volunteers, we want to convey a warm thank you to ALL of the contributors for the unceasing support. Each donation is critical for advancing ICAH’s mission and ensures that we remain a vital and vibrant institution for Illinois youth. The partnership between young leaders and ICAH is not possible without donations from contributors like these. Without your support, this work would not be possible.


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