Sexuality Education Testimonials

Training Testimonials

“The ICAH Peer Educators were the perfect choice for our event because they were able to provide first-hand knowledge to our attendees. The educators were able to get their main point across to the attendees while at the same time allowing for the experience to be driven by the needs and questions of the group. The format was such that it built upon the experiences of the people in the room. This workshop always differs from other “sex-ed” workshops because of the level of reality. The Peer Educators are equipped to educate the audience about the entire spectrum of sex-ed topics. Not just the ones that people are “supposed” to talk about. This opens the workshop up so that everyone can feel comfortable.


By having the Peer Educators ready to be open and honest, adults are able to ask questions and come to an understanding that they may have never come to by simply approaching a young person on the topic of sexual education. After having an understanding of the perspective a young person in today’s society might have on the issue of sex and after learning how to effectively talk about it with young people, the adults come away feeling much more equipped to be allies.”


-Elsa Rodriguez, Girls’ Programs Coordinator, Project Exploration



“I was extremely pleased with the ICAH Peer Education workshop. The student leaders were poised, confident and knowledgeable. The day after the workshop I had numerous students (who had not attended the workshop) approach me about coming to the next session. We were looking for a program that could train students to be leaders and talk to other students about sex and protection. I hope our students can do as fine a job as the ICAH peer educators who trained us.”


-Diane Shalda, Teacher at Chicago Military Academy



“No one has ever taught sex ed this way before.”


-Ashley Parker, Rust Youth Connection program participant



“I received a lot of education from the sex education program. I was surprised about some of the content and demonstrations.”


-Shalisa Thomas, Rust Youth Connection program participant



“Very educational and very enlightening. The teachers are great and I could relate better because the staff was on my level, they were my peers.”


-Darryal Smith Jr., 9th grader at Kenwood Academy

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