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01 Jul Youth-Friendly Health Care in Suburban Illinois: Findings & Recommendations (2015)

In Spring 2015, ICAH's Healthcare Network along with intern, Kassy Podvin, held 8 weeks of focus groups with health care providers and youth, including young parents, in a two-county suburban area in Illinois. Locations have been redacted  to preserve the anonymity of participants.Download Report PDF FINDINGS  We were able to hold two provider...

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Cultural Advocacy Training with YLC

26 Feb Youth Surveys Needed as YLC’s Participatory Action Research Projects Begin

ICAH's Youth Leadership Council (YLC) began four participatory action research (PAR) projects in October 2014 and is ready to distribute their digital surveys. PAR is a process of engaging a community in defining questions important and meaningful to their lives, gathering information and ideas about those questions and coming to an understanding that generates insights that can...

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Given Chosen Fams Mamas Day May 2013

03 Nov Given & Chosen Families Research Report

In this innovative participatory action research report [Download PDF], the Youth Leadership Council at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health provides both qualitative and quantitative insight into empowering ideas about conversations with given & chosen families about sex & sexuality. Youth implemented this research process in order to act as...

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