Peer Education

Young people in Chicago have the right to sexuality education that reflects their inquiry and needs. They deserve information that is interactive, creative and youth-friendly to engage in authentic dialogue about their health. ICAH Peer Educators provide accessible, medically accurate workshops to suit these needs.


ICAH youth workshops are facilitated by Peer Educators and/or Adult Educators. Peer Educators are youth ages 16-22 who receive rigorous sexual health, rights and identity education and facilitation training through ICAH. They work in partnership with ICAH adult staff members to write and deliver curriculum modules and workshops.


ICAH’s Performance Cadre uses plays and theater activities to help youth activate their learning and practice for real life. All peer education and theater workshops offer comprehensive, medically accurate, age-appropriate material aligned with the National Sexuality Education Standards. Learn more about Performance-based Sexuality Education.


ICAH’s Sexuality Education training is in accordance with our mission, vision, and reproductive justice and youth development frameworks. All information presented reflects an approach to sexuality education that is medically accurate, developmentally & age-appropriate, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and inclusive of youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities.


For more information, contact Aisha Chaudhri, Education Manager at or 401-646-ICAH (4224) about bringing an affordable training to your community. Select a pre-existing Workshop for Youth or ask us to tailor one to your needs. Discounts for 3, 5 and 8-week residencies available.


See workshops in action on Instagram @icahgram. Check out and use the hashtag #FYIplays!

Sexuality and Sensuality

Explore physical, chemical, emotional, intellectual, social and cultural components of sexuality & the chemical make-up of pleasure.

Sexual Health

Learn how to protect yourself from common STIs & practice effective ways to communicate what you want.

Sexual Rights

Identify the legal rights youth have in accessing health care services.

Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

Explore the components of a healthy & unhealthy relationship as well as practicing effective communication.

Media Justice

Interpret sexual messages in advertising, music, TV and film & become a more conscious media consumer.

Peer Education

Learn to educate your peers on basic sexual health information & articulate the importance of sex ed to adults and youth.

Anatomy 101

Identify body parts associated with the sexual experience & major organs involved in reproduction.

HIV Prevention

Clarify HIV & AIDS myths and facts to better understand the behaviors and four fluids that can transmit the infection to dispel stigmas.

Reproduction & Pregnancy Options

Explore the cycle of ovulation, hormonal contraception & pregnancy options.

Healthy Community Relationships

Identify causes of health disparities, evaluate sexual health resources, and develop strategies for decreasing barriers to accurate sexual health resources.

Birth Justice: Planning for Pregnancy, Labor, & Post-Partum

Define birth justice, outline a birth plan, role-play conversations with healthcare providers and love the young mamas and papas in their lives.

Advocacy 101

Gain tools to advocate for what you believe in like quality sexuality education in your community.

Puberty & Development

Understand the stages of life in relation to sexual development.

Sexual Identities

Explore the spectrum of gender identity & expressions as well as sexual orientation using appropriate terms and definitions.

Boundary Setting & Risk Reduction

Investigate your sexual health boundaries & the risks of various sexual activities.

Sexual Harassment

Describes the difference between harassment and flirting, and provides an opportunity to practice strategies for responding to harassment.

Supporting Pregnant & Parenting Youth in School 

Explore and advocate for the rights that young people have in schools while pregnant and/or parenting, while combating shame and stigma.

Analyzing Quality Sexual Health Resources

Identify high-quality, youth-friendly sexual health resources, evaluate resources available and assess what would be best for you.

Can I Hit It?

Can I Hit It? is a participatory play that follows four friends as they discuss how sexual violence impacts their lives and school community. This movement and game-based play leads audiences to define sexual violence and better understand what they can do to prevent it. Best suits 30-person audiences.

Project US

Project US follows four friends as they discover and question how they learn and talk about sex. This play uses games and audience interaction to cultivate inquiry and dialogue about sexuality and relationships and is best suited for 30-person audiences.

#StartTheConvo: Sex Ed Re-Scripted

StartTheConvo features a sex ed teacher and student who explore pregnancy and STI prevention through interactive games and storytelling. Offering multiple ways that youth and adults can partner to implement positive approaches to sex ed, this play suits 50-800 person audiences.

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