I am a creator…

15 Nov I am a creator…

By Kat West.

As a youth leader with ICAH, I am empowered to change my environment through education, acceptance, and community building. In this work, I realized that I have a passion for community organizing and social justice. As an artist, this realization changed my art. I began to create art that is an expression of pride in my ancestry and illustrate our stories, our struggle. My art has become a vehicle to fight against the misrepresentation and caricaturization of black people.

As I consider my future, I am inspired by my work with ICAH and the transformative power of art. I want to remind the world that WE, people of color, are powerful. Our histories did not start on slave ships or other systems of oppression. Our stories began with people thriving in civilizations we still cannot fathom, in positions of power and authority, and with the ability to create their destiny. I want to create space and opportunities that remind ALL of our histories, our truths—and ensure success in the fight for our rights AND our privilege. I want to teach young women of color how to create things that uplift them and their communities. I want to encourage people to pursue their passions, because in doing so, I found my purpose.

I am a creator.
I am a creator of art and of social change.
I was created to share, to heal, to triumph.
I was created to change things.

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