YTHLive Conference Poster: Empowering Youth Voices

Youth Voice YTHLive Poster

28 Mar YTHLive Conference Poster: Empowering Youth Voices

The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) is educating, organizing and advocating for the sexual health, rights, and identity of young people adults on and offline.  Recent media campaigns rely heavily on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and YouTube to enhance the way youth can be empowered as advocates in their communities. Projects described in the presentation include:

  • Making use of photo campaigns on social media to start the conversation between youth and adults, including tips for door opening/door slamming conversation starters;
  • a “Let’s Talk” Month speech bubble campaign featuring youth and adults across Illinois; and a follow-up event in which youth and family members shared obstacles and opportunities for starting to talk about sexual health, rights, and identity.
  • An ongoing “Our Voice, Your Choice” advocacy campaign in which youth share stories and messages via YouTube and across other social media platforms about the necessity for comprehensive sex education and other issues by seeking support for policy changes.
  • Developing an interactive local clinic finding map using Google Maps API in which youth determine the youth-friendliness of clinics through participatory action research.
  • How to strategically integrate print and media versions of organizational documents, such as annual report and strategic plan, in order to re-brand and set the stage for base building and participation in the digital realm.

These collaborative strategies purvey youth voice and allow for effective, relevant, and culturally appropriate messaging that engages and empowers youth.

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